LX Hausys

Incorporating world-recognized design and technology into the products, LX Hausys provides the perfect selection for both commercial and residential spaces.

Since 1947, LX Hausys has been supplying various interior materials that served to enhance the value of living spaces in Korea for the past 70 years.

Now, LX Hausys has become the largest building materials company in Korea.

LX Hausys continue to establish themselves as a company that delivers trust and satisfaction to their customers based on market-leading products and advanced technology to supply healthy, eco-friendly products & materials, as well as systems and solutions that maximize energy efficiency


LX Hausys operates 7 overseas sales corporations, 4 overseas manufacturing corporations, and 5 overseas representative offices, mainly in the U.S.A., in the key markets including the U.S.A., China, and Europe. We are focusing on expanding our global network by localizing our products with the manufacturing and sales bases located in the U.S.A. and China.


LX Hausys continues to accomplish differentiated customer satisfaction and develop eco-conscious products in the fields of building materials, windows, decorative materials, surface materials, and automotive materials & components, and is extending its R&D scope into eco-conscious and energy-saving products while using diverse materials.

In particular, we focus on R&D by selecting main areas for future growth with high potential, including kitchen and bathroom products and next-generation building & decorative materials based on our own core technologies such as surface treatment, composite material / equipment design & processing, and analysis & reliability research.

In addition, we will lead the market by developing products that can initiatively respond to market changes, including the strengthened domestic and international regulations while developing innovative products that realize customer value in response to global technology trends.